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Female Hormone Program

The Scalar Light Female Hormone Support program can help you maintain your supply of youthful, happy and supportive hormones like progesterone.

Female Hormones – Keeping women youthful, energetic and happier

Female hormones are the signalling mechanisms that work with your nervous system to control many bodily functions. Growth and sexual development are vital functions that are queued at specific times during your life. 

 Specific glands are responsible to secrete hormones into your bloodstream and are considered to be chemical messengers that transfer chemical information from sets of cells to other sets of cells. When there is a deficiency or imbalance in one of the female hormones, there is always a domino effect on the others.

Estrogen’s role in youthfulness

 Women know all too well that female hormones also have an effect on metabolism and mood. You may be interested to note that imbalances or depletion in certain female hormones; estrogen, for example, is linked to osteoporosis. Sleep quality can decline when certain female hormone levels decline. 

And, keeping this delicate balance is not always easy. Consider this. Plasticizers in the environment can mimic the female hormone estrogen. Estrogen “mimicking” chemicals trick your body into thinking you have MORE estrogen.  

Even your grocery store shopping receipt is full of estrogen mimicking chemicals that can lead to increased body fat and hormonal fluctuations. 

 Estrogen is a fat-storage female hormone. Estrogen gives skin and breast tissue it’s plumpness. Youthful female skin allows for fuller facial features. Loss of estrogen may show in your face as a more sunken look in the cheeks.

Did you know that estrogen plays a vital role in keeping our bones healthy?

As estrogen levels decrease, bone loss may occur — for example, post-menopausal women are at an increased risk of developing osteoporosis and bone fractures. According to, estrogen actions on your bones are complex. 

The primary physiological effect of estrogen is to inhibit bone resorption- the process by which the bone breaks and releases the minerals contained inside them into the bloodstream. 

Estrogen can help maintain not only bone density, but also heart health. Most often, women will turn to calcium supplements, which serves to increase calcium in circulation in the blood.

Oxytocin – The female hormone messenger of love and connection

Oxytocin is a hormone that plays many roles. The posterior (rear) lobe of the pituitary gland secretes this powerful hormone that is released when we cuddle, snuggle or socially bond. 

Those warm and fuzzy feelings are heightened in those in new relationships. This hormone may be helping you with feelings of increased closeness toward others. 

Female hormone Oxytocin also releases when a mother is nursing her young. You could say it is the chemical messenger of bonding.  Dr Sara Gottfried calls it the “tend and befriend” hormone. A key indicator as to why women love to socially bond.

Happy hormones, happy life

Progesterone has been called “the happy hormone.” Declining levels can affect the positive mood and outlook of any women at any age. 

Progesterone is made in the ovaries of women but also, in the adrenal glands. 

The female hormone progesterone is known as the happy hormone. Sleep comes more easily when progesterone levels are adequate. 

Your mood is uplifted. For women of childbearing age, progesterone thickens the uterine lining to support a fetus. Progesterone is a complimentary hormone to its counterpart estrogen and works alongside testosterone to form the precursors of adrenal hormones. 

Your adrenal glands have an outstanding job – to respond to stress by producing cortisol and neurotransmitters. According to Dr. Sara Gottfried of “The Hormone Cure, a New York Times bestseller.

Is this thief stealing YOUR progesterone

The Progesterone ‘STEAL” occurs “if you have a lifestyle that keeps you in high demand for cortisol, (like when under chronic stress), your body will STEAL your supply of progesterone to make more cortisol! ” 

Additionally, according to Dr. Sara - ”Your body will make cortisol, ”NO MATTER WHAT.” 

The Scalar Light Female Hormone Support program can help you maintain your supply of youthful, happy and supportive hormones like progesterone. 

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