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Neurotransmitter Program

Scalar light assembles endorphins and neurotransmitters inside each cell of the human body thereby serving to effectively deliver and evenly distribute these natural chemicals throughout the body. Succinctly, the Scalar Light Endorphin & Neurotransmitter Session is an excellent delivery system for endorphins and neurotransmitters inside each cell of the human body.

Endorphins and Neurotransmitters – Stabilizing your mood and lifting your spirits

Endorphins and neurotransmitter are powerful chemical messengers whose job is to pass signals from one neuron to the next. Endorphins are known to enhance our mood and outlook while neurotransmitters have various roles. 

Neurotransmitters play a vital role in the proper function of your nervous system. If you have ever had a “near miss” car accident, you have felt the power of adrenaline, a neurotransmitter.  All of your muscles instantly feel electrified as your body prepares to fight or flee. 

The signals that run through your body happen almost instantly.

Neurotransmitters act like a GPS to your Nervous System

When certain nerve responses are activated by neurotransmitters of stress, several important signals relay to your body and its organs.  Your stress response system in a built in GPS that takes information from OUTSIDE of your body and relays messages of danger, safety, or other messages that come from our environment.  

Your guidance system is run by chemical signals but driven by LIGHT. 

While it is important to note the chemical responses and their importance, one fact often gets overlooked. ALL of the biochemical responses your body has begins with LIGHT or light information. LIGHT is the driver of all biochemical processes and responses.  

Oftentimes, through genetics or environment, our signals can become incorrectly interpreted by our body. Here is an example. If you are afraid of the dark or you are fearful of new environments, while walking in the dark you may find your mind racing with “what if’s.’ 

What if there is someone lurking? What if there is a high crime rate and I am in an unsafe place? Once this type of thought process begins, the EMOTIONS of fear and thoughts of fear of the unknown begin to send chemical signals throughout your body to prepare for the what if’s. 

Whether the situation is real or imagined, once we begin to dwell on the unknown, the cascade of chemical signals begins. Even if there truly is no threat. Consider anxiety. Anxiety is the constant state of worrying about things that have not happened yet.  

Of course, the experience we worry about may have happened but that is PAST. The idea that it could happen again can bring about the same chemical reactions as when the event actually happened. Neurotransmitters are very good at what they do regardless if a threat is real or perceived.

Neurotransmitters also can be responsible for your positive experiences

One of the reasons we get so many testimonials about feeling more of a zest for life is because we assist your body with increasing DOPAMINE. 

When dopamine is low, one can experience a lack of motivation, suffer from depression and depressed mood, or experience more pain. 

Conventional wisdom tells us that low dopamine shows up as compulsions, addictive behavior, and even plays a role in Parkinson’s disease and ADHD. Your body will do just about anything to boost this important neurotransmitter. 

One may also experience muscle cramps, aches, pains, and stiffness. Elevating dopamine may have a “pain-relieving” effect! 

Any activity which brings us pleasure is increasing dopamine. 

Some of us are genetically programmed to use their dopamine quicker while others use it more slowly. While this can be tied to genetics, there are certain vitamins, minerals and even fatty acids, that can help to support dopamine production.  

But you need a skilled functional medicine doctor to do this naturally. The answer that most doctors provide when someone has low mood or anxiety is medication. However, the problem itself remains unsolved. 

I am sure you would agree that naturally increasing dopamine is always a more 

holistic solution. 

The stress response and Neurotransmitters

You know the feeling of being stressed for extended periods of time. There is difficulty concentrating, our appetite can decrease or increase. Palms may get sweaty. Breathing rate quickens. While this reaction is normal and ok in the short term, long term stress takes its toll in more ways than you may imagine. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza, a global educator on psychoneuroimmunology teaches the world how to empower mind and body through his unique meditative practices and mindfulness.  

Studies undertaken with his students have shown incredible healing responses of long lingering mind and body illnesses. Dr. Dispenza uses a process of meditation is to slow down activity in the parietal lobe of your brain. 

Essentially, meditation can slow down the signals of “information” coming through so that your neurotransmitters sense there is no threat.  The end result is calmness, peace and a slowing down of many bodily processes like breathing and mental activity. 

Scalar Light Endorphin and Neurotransmitter program recreates this sense of calmness by helping creates a natural chemical environment inside the body that serves to uplift and enhance human psychology. 

The light information administered by the Scalar Light instrument is that of calming neurotransmitters such as dopamine. Dopamine helps you feel pleasurable feelings.  

Enhances feeling of love and bonding: 

Scalar Light helps to “create” a better mood! Dopamin and oxytocin are only two neurotransmitter Scalar Light can help you increase. 

 Oxytocin is dubbed  “THE LOVE HORMONE or CUDDLE HORMONE”

We release Oxytocin when we snuggle, hug, or bond with others.  Known as the” tend and befriend” hormone, when released, we tend to feel closer to others. 

This is just one of the many neurotransmitters that we help your body manufacture with the instructions of light. If you can picture the way you feel when the sun is shining on your skin, you can understand the simplicity of how this technology works.  

Light energy is so gentle. Many people say they feel “happy for no apparent reason” while on the Endorphin and Neurotransmitter program.  Stressful situations seem so much easier to manage with little to no effort.  

Our testimonials speak about depression and anxiety being lifted while on this specialty program. Just one of 8 specialty programs offered by Scalar Light.